Mental Health Foundation: UK society becoming more fearful

Source: Mental Health Foundation

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Year of publication: 2009

Publication type: Press release and Report

In a nutshell: The Mental Health Foundation has warned people in the UK are becoming more fearful, leading to increasing levels of anxiety disorders, in a report today.  It also said fear and anxiety were strongly linked to depression as well as a range of physical health problems, including coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and asthma.  The report cited a number of causes for increasing levels of fear including a ‘culture of fear’ and the breakdown of social bonds. The charity called for a nationwide mental health promotion campaign targeting anxiety and fear and raising awareness of how people can recognise and manage fearful thoughts and feelings.

Length of publication: 58 pages

Some important notes: You may need to register to access the Mental Health Foundation website in order to download the full text of the report.   Or contact your local NHS library to borrow the report.

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Acknowledgement: Community Care


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